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As we all know, marketing is a vital part in making sure that we get the business to grow, especially when it comes to a start-up business. All businesses has some sort of marketing and in this day and age, we have evolved into the digital era where it’s more about how well you understand the ways of social media platforms and how well you’re able to take advantage of its capabilities. For a start-up business, we all know how difficult it may be to even get the first couple of buyers to consider or purchase your products and services.

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The rapid change of technology is changing the way we think, operate and work. Therefore, as businesses apply and adapt to the rise of new technologies, maximizing profitability of your business can be within reach. The Metaverse is a newly developed technology that is expected to change how business work as it continues to be integrated. Are you ready to take advantage of it and see how the Metaverse can benefit your brand in 2022?

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A rebrand is the process of changing how a company or product is perceived. It can include the reinvention of everything from a brand’s name and tagline, its logo and visual identity to its website and marketing collateral. When you first start a business, branding is likely to be the last thing on your mind.

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Tuesday, 08 March 2022

Deposit Power

Deposit Power is Australia's leading provider of deposit guarantees. Purchase a Home or Investment Property without having to use your own money.






Dposit power screens
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Brand consistency refers to the delivery of company messaging through time that is consistent with the brand's identity, values, and strategy. Every company should seek to be instantly recognised by its target market. It not only aids in the formation of a strong link between your key messages, values, and your brand's visual features, but it also distinguishes your brand from the competitors.  

Read on further to learn about 5 Reasons Why Consistent Branding is Essential for Professional Services Firms.

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There are no two ways about it. Email marketing is one of the most popular, cost-effective and highest performing marketing channels currently available. A recent eMarketer study shows that the average ROI of email marketing is 122%. The ROI of email marketing is approximately four times higher than its next closest competitor. Every study shows us that email marketing is performing well and looks to remain the case for years to come.

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2020 has been an interesting year in marketing to say the least. Yes, we have all undeniably suffered under the conditions of the pandemic – but where there’s hardship there’s also opportunity to be found and many of us have been forced into new and exciting places.

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Thursday, 08 October 2020

Standard Access | Building Services

Standard Access Australia are industry experts in vertical access and hoisting solutions with a reputation for full-service provision. The company has a thirty-year strong history along with extensive training and hands-on experience across the renewables sector and permanent BMU installations and are able to provide complete engineered solutions.

Marketing Eye was able to provide outsourced marketing services to Standard Access Australia by conducting a branding workshop and designing a SEO-optimised website for the business, along with the creation of signage, brochures and other marketing collateral.








Lockwood Partners and Provide Group are a collection of accounting, financial advisory and insurance firms servicing clients across the Echuca Moama region in Northern Victoria.

The company is reputable for building strong client relationships and delivering unparalleled accounting and tax advisory services for individuals and businesses. With the alliance and development of the four Provide Group divisions, the firms were able to provide excellent service across a variety of related expertise.

Lockwood Partners and Provide Group have had a long-standing working relationship with Marketing Eye. Marketing Eye managed branding and communication strategies for the development of the Provide Group. This involved logo designs, a brand-new website and an integrated marketing campaign. Lockwood Partners’ and Provide Group’s marketing had to reflect the professional nature of their work to maintain the brand’s reputation.

With comprehensive research, coupled with a personal touch, Marketing Eye’s myriad of marketing efforts has contributed to their prolific and sustained success in their markets. 

Provide Group


Provide Group 1


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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Pietra Gallery - Natural Stone

Pietra Gallery is a Melbourne-based supplier of natural stone products which specialises in selecting and procuring natural stone from quarries around the world and supplying it within Australia. With extensive knowledge of an array natural stone quarries around the world, Pietra Gallery supplies world-class quality stones at a competitive rate. Pietra Gallery’s Melbourne Warehouse in Pakenham contains thousands of square meters of Natural Stones (Tiles and Slabs and Pavers) ready for immediate delivery.

The founder of Pietra Gallery reached out to Marketing Eye after viewing its numerous projects in the construction and interior design industries. Through Marketing Eye's marketing workshop, the company's marketing strategy was conceived. The company needed a fresh logo, which our Melbourne Marketing consultancy delivered by launching a redeveloped website. Using our expertise, we have helped to elevate Pietra Gallery’s online presence in addition to creating informative marketing collateral. One example is Marketing Eye’s brochure and buyer catalogue which detail Pietra Gallery’s exclusive offerings, creating better brand awareness and product understanding. 

pietra web 1

pietra brochure3

pietra brochure1a

pietra brochure2

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