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Reformation of the digital space has allowed marketers to gain a diverse range of data, allowing people to create the most catered e-commerce experience possible. These data metrics vary from geographics, demographics and other behavioural or psychological data sets.

Utilisation of these data will allow you to create content solely catered to a niche/broad consumer base. By successfully evaluating and employing the correct marketing strategies for an existing consumer base, conversions are projected to increase.

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Lead generation through sharing content on social media has grown in importance over the past few years. Many marketers have caught onto this concept and have used it to the fullest potential by sharing news, blogs, customer service information, and tips...with a twist. The thought up images and carefully curated canva posts that marketers are making are becoming more and more like a subtle sales pitch. In the past, seeing any promotional components in posts would turn off potential leads, however, because of this shift and slow, easy transition, it is a new norm.

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