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Reformation of the digital space has allowed marketers to gain a diverse range of data, allowing people to create the most catered e-commerce experience possible. These data metrics vary from geographics, demographics and other behavioural or psychological data sets.

Utilisation of these data will allow you to create content solely catered to a niche/broad consumer base. By successfully evaluating and employing the correct marketing strategies for an existing consumer base, conversions are projected to increase.

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Wednesday, 02 February 2022

How to fast track your marketing career

When you start out in marketing, you always think the career path will be easy, fun and a bit on the glamorous side. Then when you start, you realize that it isn't easy, fun is for Friday's and there is no glamour in organizing an event even if it is for your favorite fashion brand.

Many don't start in the mail room or doing photocopying anymore, but at an entry level there is plenty of mundane tasks that can often bury our enthusiasm for the career that you are by this point indebted to through your university degree.

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It's that time of year again where marketing managers are frantically working out how to best spend their marketing budget for 2015/16. There is a lot of fine tuning to be done given the changes in marketing technologies, applications and an ever changing consumer behavioural pattern.

Just 2 years ago, who would have thought Instagram would take over the world of social media? That LinkedIn would become the most power recruitment platform taking significant marketshare from Seek, Monster and Indeed? 
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Effective marketing is understanding your customer intimately. One of Australia's leading CRM companies, Innovent has recently developed a new marketing campaign that is essentially "human". 
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Here I go blogging away, tweeting about my experiences, updating my facebook with “having a great day” and uploading photographs of a boozy night out with the gals.
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