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Recently, I came across a famous fast food chain billboard which was promoting its newly launched product. A thought came across my mind as to why these multinational brands are using such old traditional ways of advertising to promote their new product as these would be better advertised on social media than on billboards. That’s when I saw the small symbols of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on the billboard, and it suddenly struck me the main focus of the billboard was to direct the customers toward their social media platforms. This made me realize how traditional and digital media can co-exist in the same environment.  

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Instead of giving your customers constant advertisements, content marketing delivers values to your audience and bring benefits back to your company.

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Has your business ever performed so well on a promotion, yet was unable to convert them to sales and revenue? If this sounds familiar, there is a high chance your company may be dealing with ‘smarketing’ misalignment.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2022

5 marketing tactics to AVOID!

No matter how big or small your company is, what products or services you provide, or to whom you provide them, there are some fundamental tactics that business owners need to use in order to ensure that their marketing efforts do not go to waste.

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Marketing in education is all about how educational material can be marketed and made more accessible to institutions and individuals. A strong education marketing plan may enable instructional information to spread like wildfire over the world, igniting curiosity. It has also become extremely important for schools to have a marketing plan as well as a strong marketing strategy. We have put together 5 clever ways that schools are marketing in 2022. 

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It’s time to Blog!

We recommend for all of our clients to have a blog page on their website, as well as to write blogs regularly, and post them on their social media accounts. We have been asked many times by clients why this is beneficial, and why they should take the time to do this. Read on to find out why!
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Recently, a client shared a sage piece of marketing advice, he said “If you have just $100 left in your advertising budget, your best investment is to use it to travel and share your story with your market face-to-face”. Today Marketing Eye put this advice to the test, with great success for one of our clients – Papa Gusto.

A marketing plan does not have to boast an exorbitant budget to be effective, nor does it have to be overly complex and multi-levelled to achieve your goals.  We have proven this.  
Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The One Night Stand

Most people have had an ill-fated one night stand, where they have drunkenly exposed themselves to the other sex only to wake up with the worst hangover and a feeling of guilt and regret.

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