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Recently, I came across a famous fast food chain billboard which was promoting its newly launched product. A thought came across my mind as to why these multinational brands are using such old traditional ways of advertising to promote their new product as these would be better advertised on social media than on billboards. That’s when I saw the small symbols of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on the billboard, and it suddenly struck me the main focus of the billboard was to direct the customers toward their social media platforms. This made me realize how traditional and digital media can co-exist in the same environment.  

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We have seen a significant shift from traditional marketing to an integrated marketing approach in recent years. As an important aspect of integrated marketing communication, Public Relations or widely known as PR enables businesses to reinforce their advertising message effectively in an authentic manner. Developing a PR plan is an essential part of marketing strategy and a powerful management tool for companies to connect with target audiences, make connections within the community, creating brand awareness, and building its brand image.

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Reformation of the digital space has allowed marketers to gain a diverse range of data, allowing people to create the most catered e-commerce experience possible. These data metrics vary from geographics, demographics and other behavioural or psychological data sets.

Utilisation of these data will allow you to create content solely catered to a niche/broad consumer base. By successfully evaluating and employing the correct marketing strategies for an existing consumer base, conversions are projected to increase.

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Technology is the future of everything. Similarly, Marketing is a need of every business. There is an incredible amount of competition with the rising number of tech firms. Each company must bring their best game forward in terms of marketing to attract and grow in this competitive environment.

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Friday, 08 July 2022

Real Juice

Real Juice

Real Juice is a proudly Australian owned and operated juice company that is based in the citrus region of Australia – Griffith, NSW. This company provides consumers with real fruit juice without the presence of added sugars or harmful chemicals keeping them craving for more.

Real Juice reached out to our Melbourne Marketing team at Marketing Eye to elevate their marketing efforts and brand presence in the market. Through a marketing workshop, the companies marketing strategy for the next 12 months was formed. This consumer goods company needed the development of relevant content for their audience in order to build their brand awareness. Marketing Eye delivered a strategy that included content creation, complete label redesign, social media marketing and advertising (such as billboards) which would allow the company to build brand recognition and keep consumers informed and interested in their products.


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Real Juice 2

Real Juice 1

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Marketing for accountants is a unique challenge. The preconceived idea that people have of accounting firm is difficult to overcome since people won’t choose to engage with their accountant until they have too. When they do have to choose an accountant, they might not shop around to find the best solution, instead going with what is close or what they already know through experience or recommendations from friends and family. Many people will choose an accounting firm and stick with them.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2022

5 challenges all marketers face

Marketers are always having to learn, adjust campaigns, and address challenges. Today, marketing is so fast paced that it can be difficult to identify which areas you’ll want to develop to facilitate stronger growth in 2022 and beyond.

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An NFT (Non-fungible token) is not an unfamiliar word anymore in this era. It is a disruptive technology that created person-to-person communities in the digital world. I’m assuming that you have heard of NTFs? If you haven’t, it is not too late for you to learn more about it. NTFs are digital artworks, photographs, audio, music, and videos. People can purchase them through the blockchain, allowing collectors to own digital intellectual properties.

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It feels like it was 2020 only an hour ago, and if the last two years at home have taught us anything, time is flying by. Then, marketing strategies were adopted virtually, transforming how brands used the internet and social media to expand their businesses.

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Tuesday, 05 April 2022

Jenny’s ELC

Jenny’s ELC’s is a Bendigo based Early Learning Centre with a philosophy to encourage every child to develop and learn with the exploration of their interests. Providing childcare programs, quality resources and diverse indoor and outdoor environments, Jenny’s ELC creates an inviting home away from home for both parents and children. Focused on the region of Bendigo, Jenny’s ELC identified a need for the company to communicate their values and showcase the quality programs offered to parents. With four early learning centres, Jenny’s ELC wanted to improve their marketing efforts to introduce new clients to their service as well as maintain the interest of existing clients. Jenny’s ELC reached out to our Melbourne team at Marketing Eye to assist in building brand awareness and keep current parents informed and interested in their services. Through a marketing workshop, the company’s marketing strategy was formed in line with its marketing goals for the next 12 months. The marketing strategy was then implemented as part of Marketing Eye’s outsourced marketing department services which included the development of marketing collateral in line with Jenny’s ELC branding style guide (brochures, flyers, business cars, forms and posters), email marketing campaigns, advertisements, billboards, social media advertising and other content.

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