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Marketing Eye is a marketing consulting firm present across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, that is proud to showcase our own magazine. Magazine has more than 20 entrepreneurial stories in the digital marketing space in each issue from around the globe. From billionaires to startups, the stories give you an in-depth account of how these entrepreneurs have be brave and bold enough to be successful. We cover what makes an entrepreneur who they are, what they do differently, and how they have paved their way in a highly competitive market place.


Find out the latest in marketing techniques, digital marketing strategies, case studies and technologies in Marketing Eye Magazine. Read about marketing leaders, innovators, and integrated marketing campaigns that will change the way you think about that next marketing strategy you write. We also cover marketing conferences around the world as media partners, writing about thought leaders and must-go-to marketing conferences.

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Entrepreneurs love to travel and experience new things. If you have a travel destination, resort, health retreat, spiritual camp or anything that you believe will help entrepreneurs become more successful, then please share. Also, entrepreneurs love the latest gadgets, man-bags, computers, and accessories. Do you have something new and exciting that entrepreneurs should be buying?

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What you can expect from our marketing consultancy firm

Marketing Eye Magazine provides stories on entrepreneurs and the latest in marketing. Featuring everyone from Bill Gates and Ashton Kutcher, to newly launched brands and celebrities who have successfully transitioned from television to business.

The 84 page glossy magazine is delivered directly to entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, CEOs, Marketing Managers and Senior Managers with an income predominantly over $100,000 p.a. As a highly valued client, we want to give you a voice. 

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5 Reasons Why Traditional Media Is Still Relevant Today

5 Reasons Why Traditional Media Is Still Relevant Today

Recently, I came across a famous fast food chain billboard which was promoting its newly launched product. A thought came across my mind as to why these multinational brands are using such old traditional ways of advertising to promote their new product as these would be better advertised on social media than on billboards. That’s when I saw the small symbols of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on the billboard, and it suddenly struck me the main focus of the billboard was to direct the customers toward their social media platforms. This made me realize how traditional and digital media can co-exist in the same environment.  

Why must your marketing strategy include a PR plan?

Why must your marketing strategy include a PR plan?

We have seen a significant shift from traditional marketing to an integrated marketing approach in recent years. As an important aspect of integrated marketing communication, Public Relations or widely known as PR enables businesses to reinforce their advertising message effectively in an authentic manner. Developing a PR plan is an essential part of marketing strategy and a powerful management tool for companies to connect with target audiences, make connections within the community, creating brand awareness, and building its brand image.

How Personalised Marketing Can Increase Conversion

How Personalised Marketing Can Increase Conversion

Reformation of the digital space has allowed marketers to gain a diverse range of data, allowing people to create the most catered e-commerce experience possible. These data metrics vary from geographics, demographics and other behavioural or psychological data sets.

Utilisation of these data will allow you to create content solely catered to a niche/broad consumer base. By successfully evaluating and employing the correct marketing strategies for an existing consumer base, conversions are projected to increase.