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We have seen a significant shift from traditional marketing to an integrated marketing approach in recent years. As an important aspect of integrated marketing communication, Public Relations or widely known as PR enables businesses to reinforce their advertising message effectively in an authentic manner. Developing a PR plan is an essential part of marketing strategy and a powerful management tool for companies to connect with target audiences, make connections within the community, creating brand awareness, and building its brand image.

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Tuesday, 05 April 2022

Jenny’s ELC

Jenny’s ELC’s is a Bendigo based Early Learning Centre with a philosophy to encourage every child to develop and learn with the exploration of their interests. Providing childcare programs, quality resources and diverse indoor and outdoor environments, Jenny’s ELC creates an inviting home away from home for both parents and children. Focused on the region of Bendigo, Jenny’s ELC identified a need for the company to communicate their values and showcase the quality programs offered to parents. With four early learning centres, Jenny’s ELC wanted to improve their marketing efforts to introduce new clients to their service as well as maintain the interest of existing clients. Jenny’s ELC reached out to our Melbourne team at Marketing Eye to assist in building brand awareness and keep current parents informed and interested in their services. Through a marketing workshop, the company’s marketing strategy was formed in line with its marketing goals for the next 12 months. The marketing strategy was then implemented as part of Marketing Eye’s outsourced marketing department services which included the development of marketing collateral in line with Jenny’s ELC branding style guide (brochures, flyers, business cars, forms and posters), email marketing campaigns, advertisements, billboards, social media advertising and other content.

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Tuesday, 05 April 2022

Bloom Consulting

Bloom Consulting is an Australian technology consulting company and SAP Silver Partner that specialises in the transformation of a business’ procurement function. The company offers a complete suite of end-to-end, tailored procurement transformation and adoption services working closely with SAP across their Ariba, Fieldglass, Concur and S/4 HANA solutions as well as with other partners such as Coupa, Spendconsole etc. Bloom Consulting’s team from Sydney, NSW, reached out to our marketing consulting team at Marketing Eye with an interest in elevating their marketing efforts for increased brand awareness and lead generation. As an approved MDF supplier in the SAP ecosystem, Marketing Eye was able to deliver marketing services that included redesign of Bloom’s website, update of marketing collateral such as brochures, and setting up of marketing cadences such as social media marketing, email marketing, SEO and public relations.

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Wednesday, 09 March 2022


Having over 50 years of experience in power solutions combined with manufacturing and design facilities in Melbourne, Australia, BMPRO are leading experts in RV power and control management. BMPRO has over 150,000 systems installed across various power management, control, and monitoring systems in the RV industry worldwide.

BMPRO planned to diversify and expand its current marketing channels. In order to achieve this, additional market research needed to be conducted on the ground along with an increase in investment in marketing efforts to capitalise on the brand in target markets. Consistent with the future direction of the company, communication objectives were developed as a core driver in raising brand awareness and positioning of the company as a trusted provider for Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers (RV’s) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). As part of our outsourced marketing department services, Marketing Eye facilitated the execution of marketing activities to drive channel sales and launch ProSmart. This included running of social media campaigns, and development of  email marketing, public relations and advertising strategies as well as other content such as website landing pages.
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Wednesday, 09 March 2022

Lumus Imaging

Lumus Imaging (previously Healthcare Imaging Services and QDI) is a medical diagnostic imaging company that specialises in delivering accessible, and timely diagnostic services such as MRI, CT, PET scans, angiography etc. to rural and metropolitan Australia.

Although Lumus Imaging had engaged in ad hoc marketing, there was a need for the company ability to communicate value and capitalise on available opportunities (such as treatment of chronic illnesses) especially in light of the current pandemic restrictions placed on the healthcare industry as well as its rebrand.

Lumus Imaging reached out to our Melbourne team at Marketing Eye to build brand awareness, generate leads amongst referrers and keep current patients informed and interested in their services. Through a marketing workshop, the company’s marketing strategy was formed in line with its sales and marketing goals for the next 12 months. The marketing strategy was then implemented as part of Marketing Eye’s outsourced marketing department services which included the development of marketing collateral in line with Lumus’ rebrand style guide (brochures, flyers, business cards, doctors’ profiles, folders), email marketing campaigns, public relations and other content.

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Public relations (PR), at its core, is applied communications. It is much more than accounting, legal, management consulting, and financial planning firms - it is arguably the most important facet for any professional services firm.

Reputation is essential to acquiring customers. This is particularly important as professional services uphold a common identity and are regulated by tradition and a code of ethics. Therefore, from a customer’s perspective, the customer value is in the form of the benefits they receive relative to the costs they give up. What happens when the service is unable to meet customer expectations? This can bring implications for a firm’s reputation if clients feel they no longer want to seek your services.

Professional services firms are quite reliant on ‘human talent’; it is what allows them to increase loyalty and therefore, retention. However, incorporating public relations into your firm will retain your clients and improve profitability.

What can public relations do for your firm? Here are 5 ways: 

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Friday, 17 July 2020

JESI - Technology

JESI is a trusted Australian software provider whose solutions tackle the issues created by a remote and geographically dispersed workforce. The Global Health Crisis in 2020 took this to another level when workers across Australia and the globe were forced to operate remotely from home. This tasked organisations with a new level of logistical difficulty, not only in assuring the safety of these employees working from home, but also in checking in and assessing the wellbeing of these people as well. 

JESI’s software solutions responded quickly to the changes in global working arrangements. JESI’s technology allows for non-invasive and momentary responses to enhance communication between the different levels of a business. 

JESI engaged Marketing Eye to leverage their world-leading technology and take their brand and its communications to the next level. With uncertainty in their future marketing, JESI and Marketing Eye first worked together to develop a marketing strategy of an industry-leading standard. This document would become the roadmap to the successful development and execution of an integrated marketing campaign, which would see JESI increase its brand perception. 

With a proven product already on hand, the challenge for JESI was to get their message out there for more to hear. And with an insightful approach to marketing, that’s exactly what they did. Considered execution of public relations saw the company featured across an impressive variety of media platforms, which heightened both JESI’s brand awareness and brand perception. An eye for detail, engaging content marketing and responsive branding has led to JESI’s continued success and effective communication in their target market.


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Your Business Momentum is an advisory and consultancy firm providing tailored business solutions to help businesses improve their performance. Beyond just recommendations, Your Business Momentum utilises strategic business coaches to help businesses identify their strategy for growth and develop tailored solutions to implement it from within. 

Marketing Eye worked with Your Business Momentum to develop and design a full range of marketing collateral. Optimising and redesigning the website worked to elevate the company’s brand identity and client understanding of available services. In addition we helped to deliver a print strategy that included informative business cards and banners to enhance the brands competitive advantage and provide Your Business Momentum with informative collateral at tradeshows.



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Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. is a worldwide freight forwarder, providing world-class turnkey logistics solutions since 1949. Sobel Network Shipping Co., Inc. enables companies to respond to global opportunities, connect with new suppliers and customers, and leverage creative shipping solutions that optimize global operations. Through their turnkey solution model, Sobel promises to simplify the complexity of international shipping processes.

Marketing Eye provided Sobel an outsourced marketing department, which implemented a marketing strategy providing a user friendly and informative website. This improved band awareness and lead generation and was able to focus attention on Sobel’s services. It also ensured that Sobel’s goals were aligned with its marketing efforts and key messages.

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Yusen Logistics has been servicing the logistics industry in Australia for 25 years with a presence in all major states. Their capabilities include international freight forwarding, importing and exporting specialists. The design strategy behind Marketing Eye’s ideology was to help present Yusen Logistics information in an education, interesting and informative manner, which was achieved through carefully detailed trifold brochures and advertisements. 

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